Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes I am excited for you to start your Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes cooking adventure! The versatility of this product is simply incredible.  Once you get the hang of cooking with it, the fun begins.  You can make this product your very own.   This batter adapts nicely to your unique cooking inspirations and personal taste, enabling you to create your very own culinary recipes. Sound fun? You bet it is!

Here’s what I mean – people have told me that they’ve used this batter to make delicious crab cakes, various crêpes, fish ‘n’ chips, waffles, savory muffins and even as a coating for fried chicken.  Others have exclaimed excitingly to me that they  added spices to the batter, which can elevate your own personal touch while getting deliciously creative.  You’ll design entirely new depths of flavor that  will pair brilliantly with fish, chicken, beef, pork and vegetables.  Ultimately, you can be the chef and design wonderful tasty side dishes of your very own to add something nutritious and new to the everyday family meal or for special dinner parities.  And, remember as we design our dish and meals we can also design our lives. So, let your inner chef run wild, get to cooking, and have some griddle cake fun!

P.S. – Please stop by this page often because there will be frequent recipe updates. If you share your version with me on my Facebook or Twitter, you may even see your own recipes here!  So stay tuned and keep coming back.