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Le Croisic | Key Biscayne, Florida

Wow! I just heard about this write-up from Victoria Pesce Elliott, restaurant reviewer for the Miami Herald.  Le Crosic is a French bistro located in beautiful Key Biscayne, Florida.  It’s a short 20-25 minute drive from South Beach.

I worked with the owner Adriana Fatat at Le Croisic closely on menu changes and marketing for the restaurant.  The kitchen was wide open to the guests and they could actually walk right up and start talking as we were cooking.  The dining room was decorated and designed by Adriana and from the minute you walk into the restaurant it was obvious that you were in for a nice French dining experience right here in Key Biscayne.

Two of the gentlemen I worked with were from France and very well seasoned in the kitchen.  They spoke mostly French to one another but they had decent enough English to talk to the guests if asked a question. Personally, as a chef, I really liked working with these two guys.  They knew authentic French cuisine inside and out and I was able to practice my French.  I had cooked plenty of French food up until this point and our team came together instantly as the days moved on.  The full write up from the Miami Herald is below.

A Hidden Treasure Discovered in Key Biscayne

Miami Herald | Le Croisic

Here’s part of what Victoria wrote to us when the article was published.

“It seems the owner of Le Croisic Adriana Fatat has created a French bistro concept that has endured for a decade. The unpretentious space with brightly colored walls, concrete floors, and cozy tables looks about as I remember Le Croisic, where talented chef Franco Lania turned out lovely French classics and some creative twists too. “

Adriana and I are very happy about this great review by Victoria and we hope to keep the momentum going.

Merci beaucoup!

Victoria Pesce Elliott reviews Miami-Dade restaurants. E-mail her at velliott@MiamiHerald.com. Follow her on Twitter @vpevpe.