Le Croisic is now "Aracataca" – Miami Dade dining news

Chef Franco Lania – Key Biscayne, Fl.

Wow, I just heard this news from Victoria Pesce Elliott, restaurant reviewer for the Miami Herald…

Some years ago,  I worked for Adriana Fatat at Le Croisic.  Victoria remembered me from that time as she recently reviewed Aracataca, Fatat’s latest venture. Here’s part of what Victoria wrote…

“It seems owner Adriana Fatat got bored with the French bistro concept that had endured in the storefront space for a decade and wanted to do something all her own.

Her surreal cooking, which combines French, Colombian and Lebanese elements, needed a name, so Aracataca, the Colombian hometown of magical-realist Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez, was appropriated.

The unpretentious space with brightly colored walls, concrete floors and cozy tables looks about as I remember it from Le Croisic, where chef Franco Lania turned out lovely French classics. Rustic wall hangings and sculptures have been added, and the tables are set with spotty white cloth and paper place mats.”

It’s great to be well- remembered by Victoria.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/05/13/1625746/a-colombian-lebanese-french-mashup.html#ixzz0nsl6vBAw

Victoria Pesce Elliott reviews Miami-Dade restaurants. E-mail her at velliott@MiamiHerald.com. Follow her on Twitter @vpevpe and on her Facebook fan page.

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  • http://davidguettamusic.org David Guetta

    My sister raved about this place on Key Biscayne when you were the chef there.
    Where are you now?

  • Franco Lania

    Hi David,

    Your sister was right to rave about Le Croisic the place was an adorable hidden gem on Key Biscayne. The food I was putting out there was solid French with some Italian dishes, we were cooking from the heart and it showed.

    Thanks for taking the time to make a comment,