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Chef Franco Lania is a classically trained chef who is well-traveled and is passionate about sharing his culinary prowess with others. He has an inspirational story that connects the joy of food, cooking, and how it has changed his life. With this mindset, he inspires others to let their inner chef run wild and feel good about cooking. Franco headlines conferences as a celebrity chef at private events and represents large food brands for culinary demonstrations. He has well-rounded experience with building B2B (business-to-business) relationships.

The chef is highly educated in his field and brings a wealth of experience to the table. His impressive resume goes on and on but what really makes him special is his lovable, down-to-earth personality and a wealth of gastronomic expertise. You can now hire Celebrity Chef Franco Lania to invigorate your audience with his very candid and educational cooking shows. Or, contact the chef for a brand ambassadorship, recipe development, cooking videos, marketing strategies, and restaurant consulting.

Design Your Dish~Design Your Life 

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Franco can expertly teach and easily engage a crowd of 10 people as well as an international audience of 3,000 plus people. These events focus on how to create stellar cuisine and invigorate your daily life by doing so. He has been a celebrity guest chef/speaker at colleges, universities, and culinary programs in the Midwest and the NYC-tri State area. He often brings his inspiration to the high seas aboard various luxury cruise lines as a chef demonstrator and inspirational speaker. He has worked as a product demonstrator for Williams-Sonoma and Breville. Interested in learning more about Hiring Celebrity Chef Franco Lania’s live cooking demonstrations? Contact him here 


Chef Franco tells his story about how “cooking saved my life” and how he obtained true peace through his culinary journey. He also lectures on other interesting culinary topics such as good nutrition for the operating room physician, working on cruise lines (cooking at sea), and being a World Trade Center survivor. Franco has an extremely versatile personality. He has shared his stories with countless numbers of people in the United States and Europe who are looking to change their lives in a positive way. Interested in learning more about Chef Franco Lania’s inspirational speaker programs? Contact him here 


Chef Franco is often asked to be a special guest on newscasts, radio programs and conferences, and events where he can share his culinary expertise with new audiences. Chef Franco can teach advanced techniques or culinary basics, can demo new products, or use special ingredients/recipes that are meaningful to the audience. Interested in learning more about Chef Franco Lania’s expert guest chef appearances? Contact him here 


Chef Franco can create a special immersive evening of cooking and dining for your private party, preparing a homemade meal for your guests while sharing stories, recipe tricks, and culinary techniques throughout the evening. Interested in learning more about Chef Franco Lania’s interactive dinner experiences? Contact him here


As a prolific writer, Chef Franco Lania is often asked to publish his recipes and stories in other publications. He is currently working on his much-anticipated first book, “How Cooking Saved My Life” and is a guest writer for The Huffington Post.  Interested in hiring Franco to write for your publication or website? Contact him here 


Chef Franco has built an international audience of culinary professionals and foodies across all his social media.  Franco adds an elevated degree of social media savvy with each of his clients by bringing your message to your audience as well as to his own.  He creates all content on his sites and can intertwine your brand’s needs with his social media skills to ensure your exposure to a carefully-crafted following. Feel free to contact Franco via contact submissionFacebook, or Twitter.  


Franco works with a team of food professionals to assist you in developing, writing, and testing recipes for start-up brands as well as large food companies.  In addition to this service, Franco and his team can enhance your new recipes with photographs, video, social media, blogging, and newsletter support.  All content, tailored to your brand’s needs and your mission statement, will be yours to keep, including the photos and videos.  

“I look forward to talking with you to discuss how I can help you reach your business goals and further your business potential. ”  Chef Franco Lania