Arancini di Riso | Italian Rice Balls

Arancini | Rice Balls

 Arancini di Riso is better known in English as rice balls. They are made with short-grain Arborio Rice. This special Italian rice is mostly cultivated in the Po Valley of Northern Italy. I’m sure you’ve eaten arancini or at least saw them at local Italian-American feats where you live.  In New York City’s,  Little Italy where I was a partner in a restaurant, these rice balls were a staple on our menu.  Rice Balls were one of the best selling items any time of the year.  Yet when the Feast of San Gennaro came in September we couldn’t make them fast enough! 

The recipe below is delicious.  A friend that was a chef in Bologna, Italy shared it with me.  Bologna has been nicknamed by Italians as “la grassa” or “the fat” in English.  The reason being is that Bologna is a city with a very rich culinary history and these delicious rice balls would be one of them.

You can learn more about NYC’s Little Italy and Feast of San Gennaro here.