German Quark Cheese and Pineapple Buns!


Quark Cheese


 The Germans love quark cheese! 

 Quark is so popular in Germany that it accounts for almost half of that country’s total cheese production.

The word means “curds” and it is a cow’s milk cheese. It is a low-fat curd cheese made from skim milk and soured with a lactic starter.

 Quark cheese is Germany’s answer to France’s ” fromage blanc” or Italy’s ricotta cheese.

Interesting fact  Germans eat more than 17 lbs per person of quark cheese per year.

Not to sound cheesy or quark-y  but that’s a lot of cheese to consume for just one person. Reason being Germans believe that this cheese is very good for you and that quark aids in maintaining  healthy digestion.

This cheese is eaten in a variety of ways.  Plain on its own or with herbs, nuts, garlic to make it savory or with fruit or jam to make it into a dessert or fruit spread. It is used in many German dishes for souffles, dressings, sauces, toppings, stuffing and dips and is the secret of a perfect baked cheese cake.


What does quark cheese taste like you might be asking?  Simply put, quark cheese is a non-fermented soft cheese. It’s taste and texture are very similar to sour cream. 


Quark, as many will agree, is an excellent cheese for baking.  Baking  cheese cakes or even better yet cheese-filled buns.


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Quark Cheese & Pineapple Buns


Below is a great recipe for a bun that incorporates quark cheese and pineapple.

The best part of this recipe is the quark cheese filling so make sure to fill the buns nice and full…and then sit back and enjoy your short trip to Germany.


German Quark and Pineapple Buns – Mission Complete.

Guten Appetit !