Peach and Raspberry Shortcake: Summertime Dessert!

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Peach and Raspbery Shortcake

Peach and Raspberry Shortcakes a perfect summertime dessert!

Shortcakes are a great way to showcase all seasonal fruits. The recipe and procedure for making a shortcake dough is quick, simple and absolutely delicious. 

These type of cakes are perfect for soaking up and holding all the delicious juice that comes from the seasonal fruits that will be sandwiched between the shortcake layers.


These also Travel well! 

One can make the shortcakes a day ahead of time and assemble them with the cut and prepared fruit at the barbecue, picnic, or house parties and especially for all the summertime outdoor holiday celebrations. 

Whip a little cream on the spot and presto you have a portable summertime dessert that will truly make people happy!


In this post, the shortcake will be filed with a fantastic peach- raspberry filling and simply topped with lightly sweetened whipped cream.  This one is a real summertime winner!