Lachma Ba’ajeen: Middle Eastern Pizza!

lachma ba’ajeen


Lachma Ba’ajeen is delicious! Unfortunately, they are rarely known to people outside of the Middle East. The first time I had this Arabic-style meat pizza was in Istanbul, Turkey. Ever since I’ve been a fan and you will be too once you give this recipe a try.

Lachma ba’ajeen is considered to be breakfast food!  Not to say they couldn’t be eaten past breakfast time.  However, traditionally these meat pies are a very popular breakfast item along with many other delicious mini savory pies. This meat type of pizza is known by many different names in the Arabic world, but regardless of what it’s called, the ingredients are basically the same.

Once you taste these, you will understand why this simple meat-topped flatbread is so very popular throughout the Arabic world.

They are simple to make and absolutely tasty!