Franco’s French Baguette Recipe



Homemade bread is one of my all-time favorite things to bake. Yeast doughs are alive!

Yes, they can be tricky to work with, at times, but nothing is as satisfying and exciting as successfully baking a delicious loaf of bread.  The aroma that fills the air from freshly baked bread is uplifting and heartwarming in every way. For many, bread baking evokes many cherished memories.



Our connection to bread has a long history. Sharing freshly baked bread goes back to the beginning of mankind. Manna (bread) has had many religious associations. It has been celebrated as a miracle in times of famine and hardship.

A guaranteed way to spread happiness is to share home-baked bread. Bread baking touches the very soul. Baking bread from scratch takes time and care; it needs to be nurtured.  The hands-on process brings an ever so gentle life-force to the dough, resulting in a crunchy crust and steaming, soft interior – deliciously edible! My French baguette recipe below is fool-proof. Shaping bread by hand takes a bit of practice, but I’m sure you will master it after a few tries. It’s so worth it!  The real trick is to proof (a process that brings the dry yeast to life) the yeast properly and just have fun.  It’s simply bread.

Bread and mankind are old friends that “knead” each other!