Try a Macedonian Fruit Salad this Summer!

Macedonian Fruit Salad

Macedonian Fruit Salad

Macedonian Fruit Salad is a refreshing way to utilize and showcase all the terrific summertime fruits at your local markets.

The Macedonian Empire in the Balkans once ruled over a population made up of a highly diverse mix of ethnicities. My recipe for this colorful and exquisite Macedonian Fruit Salad is aptly named for its divergent and exotic mix of fruits that beautifully and harmoniously meld together.

It is a festival of several different types of fruits comprised of unique textures, shapes, and colors. Like our special individual qualities, the contrasting fruits are what makes this salad so delicious and interesting.

The suggested fruits can be substituted with any fruit of your liking.  So, if you prefer one type over another–go for it.  But, be sure to keep the quantity the same. (2 cups = 2 cups, regardless of the fruit.)