Lucky Lentil Soup | A Recipe for Good Health

Franco’s lentil soup- a recipe for good health!

Franco's lentil soup

Franco’s lentil soup

It’s a new year; may it be a happy, healthy and prosperous one for you! There are many traditional foods said to bring luck, health and prosperity for the new year from around the world. Many countries celebrate with tasty lentil dishes. 

This lucky legume is traditionally eaten in Italy, Brazil, Germany and various other countries throughout the world to ring a new year. In these cultures, lentils signify wealth and prosperity.  These legumes, which are likened to little coins, are also an excellent source of fiber, protein, iron and the B vitamins. 

So besides the possibility of prosperity, you most definitely will receive a tremendous amount of great nutrition by eating them.  And that’s a sure way to prosper!

Lentils are one of my favorite legumes to make a soup with. When combined with cooked greens, another “lucky” way to start the year in countries such as Denmark, and the Southern United States, you will have a delicious soup packed with immune-boosting goodness. I like to add kale when I make this nutrient-rich lentil soup. Kale is very high in vitamins A, C, K,  folate as well as the minerals potassium, calcium and zinc. (I prefer using locally grown baby kale that I find at my nearby market. It’s very tender and delicious but any kale will work.) Sounding good already, no?


nutrient rich ingredients

Nutrient rich ingredients.

Now to place this soup in a healthy league of its own I add some ginger, honey, turmeric and cumin. Each one of these additional seasonings adds a tremendous amount of nutritional value and flavor to the soup. 

In the recipe below, you will find the deliciously healthy combination of  healthy and “lucky” foods that create a brilliant lentil soup that will leave you feeling energized, nourished and happy!