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Chef Franco Lania

Chef Franco Lania

News flash! An article was written about me and my therapeutic cooking concept in the June issue of Glorian Ruoka & Viini (Food and Wine) of Finland, one of their most popular culinary magazines. The article Keittiöterappia was written by journalist Hanna Jensen. I met with Hanna on a beautiful spring day last May at Café Esplanad, where she and I chatted for about an hour.

I am truly humbled to have been recognized for what I do. I have always said that being a chef is not a career, it’s a lifestyle. Helping others is just the way my journey went. To be noticed and appreciated for it in Finland, my home away from home is an honor.

Unfortunately, most of you will not be able to read the article below since it was written only in Finnish. However, I will tell you that it contains the philosophies that helped me to survive my own trials and tribulations growing up. Those of you who know me or follow me also know that I personally struggled back from the aftermath of 9/11 by means of this kind of helpful cooking concept. I decided that since it helped me, it may help others as well. The idea was to inspire people who have hit difficulties in their lives by tapping into the invigorating and enlivening energies of cooking.

I encourage them to approach their stove as an old friend and to receive a warm embrace. People can rebuild from adversity but first they must be inspired to do so; therapeutic cooking gives the self-reliance to do just that. It’s all about creating positive reassurance, good nutrition and optimistic happy feelings. There is much more to this concept but that’s the synopsis of it. I wrote a book on this subject and I’m excited to share it with you in the near future.

Glorian Ruoka & Viini ( Food & Wine) 6/2015

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