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Blue Crest Recovery | Woodland Park, New Jersey

Blue Crest Recovery | Woodland Park, New Jersey

I want to take a moment to share with you all something of a more serious nature than cooking and food. This year has been incredibly hard for many people in so many ways. The pandemic has been extremely hard on families, friendships, work relationships, and even for children not being able to go to school. The elderly have been distanced from their loved ones in hopes to not get sick and people, in general, have had enough of all the uncertainty. So, now to my point. If you or anyone you know is truly suffering or struggling through each day because all have become too much there is no shame in seeking help.

The holidays are not always a time of joy even in the best of times for many people. Therefore, seeking help is not only the thing to do it is also absolutely commendable. I am a big advocate of 12 step programs. Every walk of life that encounters a moment of adversity and hardship in their life can and will benefit from a mental health program. Surrounding yourself with supportive people is a big part of the healing process. The people that move away when you or a loved one is struggling should be removed from your life while you are going through a program.  People that pull back on someone who is facing a difficult set of circumstances and doing something about it usually have issues of their own. The people who stick with you are the people that are the true stars in your life and don’t ever forget them. Therefore, I would like to share with you a quick excerpt from an email I received this morning from Blue Crest Recovery in Woodland Park, New Jersey.

“Hi, Franco!

I wanted to thank you for supporting Al-Anon / Alateen. If you could share this resource on your site or with someone you think can benefit from it, we can help make a difference together. Our organization is dedicated to helping individuals, and their loved ones, through the toughest of times.”

So, if you or anyone you know in New Jersey is struggling right now, it’s okay, many people are.  Thankfully there is help! I have been a big supporter for a long time of 12 step programs and the professionals at Blue Crest Recovery in Woodland Park, New Jersey are ready to help with whatever issues are bogging you down. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength and there is no shame in it. Please remember that!

Treatment is not only for substance or alcohol abuse. Depression, anxiety, and many other circumstances that are adversely affecting your life are very treatable too. Please remember this as well.  Therefore, these programs can be life-changing in many positive ways but it only works if you work it so take the first step by making that initial call.  Additionally, if you live outside of New Jersey you can locate help here to begin the process of feeling good again.