Split Pea Soup with a Spicy Twist!

Split Pea Soup with a Twist

Split pea soup with a spicy twist.

It’s always a good time for some kind of comfort food.  A delicious split pea soup can definitely be comforting and it’s simple to make.  Many different cultures make their version of pea soup and recipes for it are endless. The split pea soup that I made here is quick to make and it has a nice spicy twist to it with the addition of turmeric and smoked paprika.  If you prefer not to add the spices of course you can leave it out. However, it does add a nice element of flavor.  I talk more about this in the video I made demonstrating how to make this soup. Once you serve your soup you can sprinkle it with some Parmesan cheese (as I did in the photo above) or simply leave it out. Either way, your soup will be absolutely delicious!