Halal Leg of Goat with Spring Peas & Onions

Halal goat legs with spring peas and onions.

Why Halal?

This leg of goat with spring peas and onions makes for a delicious holiday dish for Easter. Halal goat is what I use. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that the animals are slaughtered in as a humane way as possible. There is a ritual and a prayer said before slaughter. Secondly, the animals are then hung and drained of all their blood prior to butchering and selling. This allows for a better-tasting and cleaner end product.

Halal vs. Kosher

There are many questions that come up when people ask about the differences between halal meat and kosher. Here are some basic facts about halal versus kosher.

Halal rules allow for eating the whole animal, but kosher law prohibits eating the hindquarters. Halal law requires praying to Allah before or while each animal is slaughtered, but kosher does not require prayer before each slaughter. A shochet, or specially trained rabbi, must slaughter the animal, while any adult Muslim, Christian, or Jew can slaughter the animal in halal law. Residual blood in meat is fine in halal rules, but not in kosher rules, which call for rapid, complete draining of the blood at the time of slaughter. Kosher meat is acceptable in halal law, but halal meat is unacceptable to those following kosher rules.

The recipe below is a great way to prepare a goat in whichever kind you prefer. Also, this is a nice recipe to prepare any time of year.  If you can’t find fresh peas a good frozen variety will be just fine.