Moules Frites | Mariniere Style

Moules Frites

Moules frites mariniere style is a simple but very classic way to enjoy fresh mussels. Though this dish hails originally from Belgium my very first moules frites experience was while visiting Toulon, France. Yes, France has a lockdown on muscles and French fries too.

The one great perk for chefs working on a cruise ship is that when there is time you may get the opportunity to go ashore and sample some of the local cuisine. On a transatlantic journey from New York City to Civitavecchia, Italy my ship had a stop in the port of Toulon, France. I had about two hours of free time before I needed to head back to the vessel. So finding a nice spot along the sea to have lunch with some coworkers was on the agenda.

The moules frites I ate in Toulon were simply delicious. The mussels were clean, tasty (sweet), and the broth full of flavor. White wine, chopped shallots, good olive oil, bay leaves, chopped parsley, and fresh mussels literally picked from the sea only a few feet away from the restaurant. Yes, it’s a party in a bowl and everyone is singing.