Behind the Scenes Look | Cruise Ship

Excite the Senses | Mediterranean Cruise

Have you ever taking a cruise vacation? Did you wonder where all the cruise staff calls home at the end of their long workday? The video below will answer some of your cruise ship questions. I filmed this on a FLIP camera while working on a cruise ship that was sailing to ports of call in the Indian Ocean. This video will show the quiet time onboard a cruise ship. Usually, after the morning rush, the passengers go ashore and the staff and crew have two options. They can also go ashore for a quick hour or two. Also, they can opt to stay onboard and rest or enjoy some of the designated crew areas.

Crew Quarters at the Bottom of a Cruise Ship

On the same day as this video, I filmed another video that shows the lively Saint-Paul Market on beautiful RĂ©union Island. Also, check out the videos from a beach on the island of Madagascar.