Limoncello Tiramisu a Dream Come True

Limoncello Tiramisu


We all are familiar with tiramisu! The lusciously whipped sweetened mascarpone cheese dessert where the cake part is soaked in strong coffee and all is then topped with a generous amount of cocoa powder.  However, every once in a while it’s nice to try to make something different with an old classic dessert.  How does a luscious and lemony limoncello tiramisu sound?  Personally, it’s my “go-to” tiramisu for summertime.  There are endless versions of limoncello tiramisu but the simplest is the best. The elegance of this dish is its simplicity and the tantalizing lemon flavor. All you need are the basics.  A few tubs of mascarpone cheese, fresh lemons, a sweet and tangy lemon curd, eggs, sugar, whipped cream, and a beautiful bottle of your favorite limoncello from the Amalfi Coast.