Quality Kitchen Items You Never Knew You Needed

Natural wood cutting board,

Whether you’re a newbie in the kitchen or a talented chef these quality kitchen items you never knew you needed to up your cooking game. The global pandemic and the subsequent quarantine have allowed us to hone our cooking skills and create masterful meals for ourselves and our families. If you’re one of the many Americans who enjoy making delicious homemade meals, check out these quality kitchen items you never knew you needed.

A Better Grater

Many home-cooked meals feature a little extra zest. While adding some flavor is easy to accomplish with a traditional grater, superior zesters that feature built-on containers definitely help to simplify the whole process. Grater/container combos allow you to collect zest of any kind right into a plastic cup, meaning you’ll get the most out of your cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, and vegetable shavings. Furthermore, cleanup is fast and simple, as your shavings sit consolidated in one convenient container.

A Salad Bowl Spinner

Cleaning your fresh produce can be a hassle, and it’s challenging to determine whether your food is truly clean. Not to mention, leftover water makes any salad damp and less robust in taste. Salad bowl spinners allow you to thoroughly clean your chop up your produce and clean them all in one streamlined process. Plus, they’re really fun to use! Cut up all the components of your salad, place them into the spinner, pour in some water, and a few pumps later, your salad will be dry and safe to eat. Salad spinners even feature built-in strainers that expedite the cleanup process.

Better Cutting Boards

If you aim to become a better chef, a quality kitchen item you never knew you needed is a good cutting board with helpful accessories. First off, ditch your cheap, plastic cutting boards for ones made of superior materials. We recommend wood versions. These slip far less than plastic ones and maintaining natural wood cutting boards are more manageable than many people think. Pair your cutting board with a non-slip mat. These are incredibly affordable and offer more security when cutting. Some cutting boards come with built-in mesh baskets to make rinsing off produce and disposal of food scraps easier.

Produce Caps

If you’re looking to keep your produce fresh without sacrificing fridge space, buy a set of produce caps. These colorful, silicone discs fit over cut-up fruits and vegetables, ensuring they last longer and taste better. They’re also far more eco-
friendly than traditional zip-lock baggies and 100-percent dishwasher safe. Save time, labor, and energy.

Making the Switch

Making the switch to these quality kitchen items will ultimately up your game in the kitchen. You can enjoy all the fun of making delicious homemade meals as professional chefs do for your friends and family!