Christmas Appetizers for Veggie-Loving Families

As merry and bright as the holidays are, they can be tricky for those of us who want to promote healthy eating in our households. From a Christmas feast filled with fatty entrees to stockings stuffed with sweets, it’s hard to find places to squeeze in veggies and make them appealing. But getting the kids to eat their vegetables around the holidays doesn’t have to be a chore. Healthy eating has never been more fun with these Christmas appetizers for veggie-loving families.

Christmas Veggie Tray

Veggie trays are a no-brainer as far as Christmas party appetizers go. But you can add a little holiday cheer by arranging your veggies into holiday shapes.

For example:

  • A Christmas tree
  • A snowman
  • Santa’s face
  • A reindeer
  • A present

This can turn eating your veggies into a game, as you joke about eating the
ornaments off the tree or Rudolf’s antler.

Edible Christmas Ornaments

This fun, savory take on decorating Christmas cookies will turn your kids into chefs and artists. Start with creating a spread of your favorite, colorful veggie-based dips.

For example:

  • Guacamole
  • Hummus
  • Salsa
  • Beet Dip
  • Carrot Dip

Next, give your kids large round chips, crackers, or pita bread. Using plastic butter knives or spoons, your kids can use the dips to decorate the plates like colorful Christmas ornaments. You can also encourage them to add extra veggies or nuts for added decoration.

Pro-tip: CBD-Infused Dips

Many have raved about the benefits of adding CBD to food, especially the way it can help with anxiety and reduce chronic pain. Oils infuse well with dips like guacamole and are safe for kids. Just keep an eye on how much infused dip they use for their ornament.

Color Kebobs

Something about putting food on a stick makes it feel more festive. And you can use that trick to make some simple and fun Christmas appetizers for your veggie-loving family. For this, all you need to do is put an assortment of colorful vegetables on sticks. You can get creative with it, using cookie cutters to make shapes with your veggies or combining Christmas-y colors. For example, you can do a Caprese kebob of tomato and mozzarella cheese reminiscent of a candy cane.