The Best Hors d’Oeuvres for New Year’s Eve

Stuffed Baby Artichokes.

The jackpot question in advance: what are you doing on New Year’s Eve? If you’re not spending the evening in the public square—and right now, who could blame you?—you’re probably keeping things low-key with a few of your closest and most trusted friends. Whether you’re hosting the festivities yourself or are simply responsible for helping to put on the party, New Year’s means a lot of socializing and snacking. One last big dinner party for the year is certainly an option, but many
entertainers opt for simple appetizers and small bites throughout the night.

We’ve picked a few of our favorites for you that goes far beyond pedestrian chips and
salsa. Check out the best hors d’oeuvres for New Year’s Eve 2021: some of the tastiest ways to ring in 2022.

Stuffed Artichokes: Restaurant-Quality Appetizers

On the list of dishes we enjoy at restaurants but seldom think to make ourselves, stuffed artichokes, those all-in-one crowd-pleasers, have to be near the top of the list. Making stuffed artichoke from scratch can seem daunting, but our recipe for stuffed artichoke with Parmesan and garlic will amaze you not only with its taste but with its ease. Whip up your Parmesan-breadcrumb stuffing, then simply steam, stuff, and roast for an appetizer everyone can enjoy as they wait for the ball to drop.

Brachiole: The Password Is Swordfish

The carnivores among us can always enjoy some slices of brachiole, one of Sicily’s signature appetizers. This thinly sliced meat—rolled, breaded, and fried—is a favorite at any party no matter which meat you go with. Beef, chicken, and veal are the most popular choices for brachiole, but have you considered swordfish as a special holiday treat? If your local fish counter has swordfish on offer, give some small bites of this tasty fish a try—we have a recipe for basil-and-pine-nuts swordfish brachiole that you’ll love. We love it in summer, but the novelty makes it perfect for a
night that comes but once a year.

Gnudi di Ricotta: Naked Ravioli

Some ravioli aficionados, believe it or not, could take or leave the pasta. They’re in it solely for the savory tomato sauce and creamy ricotta. That’s why we’ve come up with this recipe for naked ravioli, an appetizer that cuts to the chase—or to the cheese, as the case may be. Gnudi di ricotta features delicate dollops of ricotta-infused dough with drizzles of marinara. Make sure you have small plates as part of your New Year’s party setting for these—we’d all hate to make a mess.

Endive Boats

Looking for something a little healthier for you and your guests to munch on? One of the best hors d’oeuvres for New Year’s Eve are endives, those natural delivery devices for sliced nuts, cheese, and more. Of course, there’s no rule that says endive boats have to be healthy. Why not balance those healthy greens with some bacon bits? It is, after all, the holidays.