Jamaican Jerk Farro Risotto with Tropical Fruits

Jamaican Jerk Farro Risotto with Tropical Fruits.

Farrow has to be one of the most forgotten grains in cooking. Even though it’s a great source of protein, fiber, some B vitamins, and other great nutrients it tends to often be looked over. The problem is that many people are unfamiliar with cooking it and it is a rather bland food source unless doctored up with other ingredients.

Cooking it using the risotto method makes farro much more flavorful as it absorbs the cooking liquid-like when making a risotto. However in this case to REALLY give the farro a nice tropical element of flavor I used mango nectar mixed with vegetable stock.  Yes! Now I bet I’m getting your attention.  Add a little Jamaican jerk seasoning to the cooking process along with grated Jamaican Tastee Cheese, fresh mango, papaya, toasted cashews, and shredded coconut.  Now our boring farro has become a super delicacy in a tasty Caribbean kind of way.  Enjoy!