Alternative Wedding Desserts To Try On Your Big Day

Wedding cake for your big day!

When you picture a wedding dessert, you’re most likely envisioning a tiered cake—don’t be afraid of trying an alternative sweet for your big day. No bride or groom must conform to the traditional aspects of a wedding. You’re allowed to have fun and be spontaneous with your menu. Plus, choosing a different dessert may even be more pleasing for guests. Browse through our popular selections below and try one out for your wedding!

Candy Bar

Encourage your guests to live out their childhood dreams by overstuffing themselves with candy for dessert. Take this dessert table to the next level by placing to-go containers or bags next to the display so that your friends and family can bring home a bag of their favorite candies and chocolates.

Ice Cream Sundae Self-Serve

Consider choosing ice cream as the dessert, especially for summer weddings; it creates the perfect treat to cool off guests when the temperature and humidity are high. When creating a self-serve ice cream bar, ensure you’re using the right supplies to preserve the treat, or it could turn into a melty, sticky situation.

Fruit Pies

The best part of going with pies for your wedding dessert is the fact that some of them are seasonal. A pumpkin pie could tie in nicely with the theme if you’re marrying your best friend during the fall. This treat also allows creativity because you can bake the crust in a pattern or image to represent the day.

Cheesecake and Tarts

Another alternative wedding dessert to try on your big day is cheesecake or tarts. These sweets pair well with more elegant and sophisticated celebrations—plus, you can top them with numerous ingredients. Consider baking mini cheesecake bites that are easier for guests to grab and munch on as they mingle after the meal.

Macaroons and Cookies

Another treat that will allow guests to move about after dinner is macaroons or cookies because they’re smaller and less time-consuming to eat. Italian wedding cookies are delicious; if you have some Italian in your blood, this is a great way to pay homage to your ancestry.

Ultimately, what you choose for the dessert on your wedding day will be your personal preference. While there isn’t anything wrong with traditional cakes, some couples don’t want this—and there are many other amazing options. Surprise your guests with a sweet treat that’s fun and out of the ordinary for an even more special day.