5 Tools You Need To Get Ready for Fall Baking

Tools for fall baking.

Pumpkin pie. Apple cider donuts. Challah. Sourdough. It’s time to get baking! Fall is the season for turning on your oven and baking. For one thing, the temperatures are a bit cooler, making the oven’s heat less of a problem. Plus, what
could be more appropriate for harvest season than freshly baked goods? Here are five tools you need to get ready for baking this fall.

Baking Dishes

Most pies require some kind of glass or ceramic baking dish. The most common sizes are 8×8 square, 9×13 rectangular, and 9×9 round. We recommend having at least one of each on hand so you’re prepared for the majority of recipes.

Bread Pans

There are a ton of different bread pans out there, and many are designed to make very specific kinds of bakes. To start with, we recommend a 9×5 loaf pan and a muffin pan. If you want to go a step further, see if you can find a mini-loaf pan, which is perfect for making sharable loaves, or a Bundt pan for decorative bakes.

Stand Mixer

Anyone serious about baking needs a stand mixer. You can certainly get by without one, but that will mean a lot more work for you. Stand mixers can handle much higher speeds than handheld mixers, and they come with attachments specifically designed for baking, like bread hooks. If you want to try different fall foods right in your kitchen, a stand mixer is a must-have.

Adjustable Rolling Pin

One of our top five tools you need to get ready for fall baking is the adjustable rolling pin. These rolling pins come with a set of rings that slip onto the ends, making it easy to roll out pastries and pasta doughs to a certain thickness. Having pastry that’s too thin or too thick can ruin your bake; therefore, this tool is one of our favorites—not to mention essential—to have in the kitchen.

Silicone Mats

There are some tools that change the way you bake, and silicone mats are one of those. Silicone mats replace the need for parchment paper when baking on sheet pans, and they help your bakes stay uniform. We also like not having to use so much parchment paper.

Once you get your fall bakeware, why not use it to decorate, too? Displaying your decorative baking dishes is a great way to transition your kitchen from summer to fall décor. Plus, you’ll have your bakeware within easy reach!

Chef Franco Lania’s fall inspiration!