Réunion Island | Saint-Paul Market | Mango Hunt!

Réunion Island | Saint-Paul Market

While working on a cruise line sailing the Indian Ocean I was asked one afternoon to go ashore once we docked in the port of Réunion Island. My mission was to visit a local food market (Saint-Paul Market) to purchase mangos and bring them back to the ship. Yes, I found mangos and much more!

Réunion Island is part of the Mascarene Islands, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean just east of Madagascar. This island chain is part of the French Republic. Réunion is a very interesting place where French, Portuguese, Indian, Chinese, African, and Creole cultures have shaped its cuisine. In this quick video clip, you’ll hear some of French Creole being spoken as I walk through the market. This clip was shot on an “old school” FLIP Video Recorder back in 2009. Enjoy!

Réunion Island’s Saint-Paul Market 2009