Vanilla Cupcakes & Philadelphia Cream Cheese


Cupcakes are an all  time favorite “happy” food!  Vanilla cupcakes with Philadelphia Cream Cheese is definitely a cupcake to get happy about.

Mostly all people can relate something  fun, happy and festive to cupcakes.

Just the  thought of  them makes most people smile and want to run out and buy some  or better yet make them yourself.

The “good cheer” cupcakes can spread is  for all ages to enjoy. They also  create a very nice connection to what food is really all about.

Which is simply happiness!


Cupcakes are meant to be shared and bring happiness. This my friends is what food is all about from the perspective of “Grass Roots” cuisine. The spreading of happiness, in an uplifting and inspirational  way.

Ask a bunch of children if they want to make cupcakes and you will get thrown back with overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm.

This enthusiasm is catchy and once the children light up with happiness over cupcakes the adults are soon to follow and this is the domino effect of happiness that is excitingly inspirational in every way.

These vanilla cupcakes with Philadelphia cream cheese icing are simple to make and absolutely delicious.

I highly suggest them for children parties. Making them with the children is always the way to go.


Key ingredients:

For those that do not know about “Philadelphia” cream cheese :


As you could guess the cupcake itself is centered around the vanilla extract.


Take the leap and purchase a good one, it will make all the difference in the world in your final end result and spread that happiness just a little further