Memorial Day – Roman Burgers & Fennel Slaw!

Roman Burger


 Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for all those who have served or are serving in the“Armed Forces”.

The day is also marked by family and friend get-togethers centered around outdoor grilling.

So, no matter if you grill all year around or are just dusting off the grill this weekend for Memorial Day, this recipe is a real winner and it’s for you! 
Roman Burgers: are quick to make… the seasonings and feta cheese that are incorporated into them are truly a delicious touch, adding a fantastic depth of flavor when grilled over an open flame.

The flame should be mild and the coals red hot before grilling to ensure maximum grilling flavor.


Fennel Slaw: The fennel slaw is truly a perfect accompaniment for this burger. It moistens the burger and delivers a fresh and lively flavor to the burger while adding an extra element of Mediterranean flavor.

The “Fennel Slaw” is also great served chilled as an additional side dish for BBQs and picnics!

Roman Burger