Focaccia di Recco – Swanson Culinary Center

focaccia di recco

Mastering Italian Classics with chef Franco Lania at Omaha’s Swanson Culinary Center was an interactive cooking show. As the chef demonstrated each dish the guests were simultaneously served that exact dish. 

Focaccia di Recco comes from the Liguria region of Italy. Recco is the town in which this focaccia originated.  Typically the dough is stretched wafer-thin by hand and filled with Crescenza cheese. It is then baked in a very hot oven until the crust turns a delicious golden brown color and the cheese has melted inside.   It is absolutely delicious!  Serve it with a side salad and you have a great lunch.

After watching the video click here for the Focaccia di Recco recipe.

This entire cooking event was videotaped.  It will be used for educational purposes for the Institute of Culinary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska.