Franco’s Potato Flat Bread

Franco's Potato Flat Bread

Franco’s Potato Flat Bread

 Potato Flat Bread is a great way to make something very delicious out of the almighty yet humble spud. The beauty of this bread is that only a few simple ingredients are needed; it does not contain yeast. Once you mix the dough and form the potato flat breads, you can top them with just about anything you like, or simply eat them plain with some butter or extra virgin olive oil.  Also, these flat breads are a fabulous way to make something different and delicious out of left over mashed potatoes, that you might have after a big holiday meal or simply after your daily dinner.    

 I made this exact recipe at Le Cordon Bleu London where I was an alumni guest chef last week. Since the school was filled with students, time for my preparation was very limited. However, this flat bread does not need much preparation unlike many other breads, and it’s still very tasty!

The varieties that I made for the demonstration were an herb potato bread and a sweet paprika one. You can also use assorted cherry tomatoes, or grate your some of your favorite cheese on top before baking.

So, in keeping with my promise to the students here is the potato flat bread recipe: