Guest Chef Alumni Event | Le Cordon Bleu London

Le Cordon Bleu of London is where I studied and, in 1995, received my Grand Diplôme in both French cuisine and pastry.  It was one of the most influential and positive experiences of my life. This culinary school placed me on a solid career path with food from which I never wavered.

It has been nineteen years since I left my old school. The culinary world has changed so very much since then- all for the better!  London, at that time, was not the food mecca it is today.  Well, that was all about to change and I’m proud to say that I was there to see a culinary renaissance kick off in London!

Today, London is one of the most highly-acclaimed food cities in the world and those studying at Le Cordon Bleu have a great city where they can obtain top-notch cooking experience.

While I studied and lived in London, the Le Cordon Bleu helped me secure a pastry position at the world-renowned Dorchester Hotel with a fabulous French Pastry Chef. I also worked at a French Bistro in London’s Soho district called the Soho Soho, with another very talented French chef.

Le Cordon Bleu, London | Graduation 1995

 I was very fortunate as a young cook to have been in London during such a dramatic wave of change in the culinary scene.  Ultimately for me, the real nod of acknowledgment must be given to London’s Le Cordon Bleu.  Since this culinary academy is located in the heart of London, the students of today can experience first hand the fantastic culinary scene of a city that has rendered many talented chefs in the last nineteen years.

I am thrilled to have been given this wonderful invitation to come back and give a talk and cooking demonstration as an alumni guest chef.  After two decades I am looking forward to a return to London and am excited to see my old school once again.

The menu will be:

  • Three types of quick rustic bread
  • Ginger and black peppercorn-crusted salmon, honey-soy glazed bok choy, Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cake
  • Baci di Ricotta

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