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olive oil

olive oil

Does Tunisia come to mind when you think about olive oil? ​ Well, think again!  This year Tunisia ranked number 2 in the world for olive oil production, second only​to Spain! This is a huge accomplishment that is steeped in ancient tradition and national pride.  Tunisia’s remarkable olive oil production has a great story behind it.

​This year, ​two of my ​friends journeyed ​there​ for the annual Tunisian Olive Oil Awards Ceremony.  They reported back to me with a summation of their amazing ​Tunisian olive oil adventure. Pretty cool!

Ancient traditions run deep in Tunisian's artisan olive oils.

Ancient traditions run deep in Tunisia’s artisan olive oils.

Although this is a country that has had its share of political turmoil lately, I found all this positive press about their award-​winning olive oils to be very intriguing.  So much so that I sat and wrote an entire article about it forThe Huffington Post.  Historically Tunisian olive oils have been a hidden secrete, but now the veil of secrecy has been lifted.

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