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Chef Franco and Amy

Chef Franco and Amy Khem

Exciting news! Chef Franco Lania’s Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes made their debut on Good Day PA. It is made with an all-American ancient grain, wild rice. The griddle cakes are a good source of iron, fiber, protein and antioxidants. On Good Day PA, Lania showcased the versatility of the product, and how to use it, enabling the viewer to want to get out and buy a box and get all that great nutrient content into their families’ diets as well.

In October 2013, Lania was on a culinary advisory board for a large food company and would up in Marshall, MN as the headliner chef for an event.  He visited a nearby Bison farm, went clay target shooting and and eventually wound up at their local shooting club’s lodge to cook for about 20 people.

He was presented with a huge bag of wild rice and was told that it was Minnesota’s state grain and was plentiful. Lania made a delicious Arborio (risotto) rice griddle cake and then tweaked it to create the Wild Rice Version. His Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes were born!

Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes are all natural. There is no sugar added and the ingredient list is clean, meaning there is nothing on the ingredient label that a person couldn’t read or understand.

The product is packaged at PA Dry Mix of Lancaster. For more where to purchase the product, please visit: Griddle Cake
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