PA LIVE! Receives A Warm Embrace Smörgåsbord

Chef Franco Lania on PA LIVE!

Chef Franco Lania on PA LIVE!

PA Live did a fabulous job helping me to introduce my Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes to the greater Wilkes-Barre, PA area.  So, to really excite people about this product I made a smörgåsbord of foods.  The viewers were able to see how WILDLY delicious and diverse this product can be.  The fun part is that waffles, muffins, holiday stuffing and even desserts can be created from the same griddle cake batter. 



Franco's Minnesota Wild Rice Stuffing.

Franco’s Minnesota Wild Rice Stuffing.

Yes, this is a product that enables you to let your “inner chef” run wild and get creative with it and truly have some fun! You can add your personal touches and create the kind of muffins, waffles, stuffing etc. that you and your family will enjoy. It can make a great holiday stuffing too!




Franco's Wild Rice Strawberry Waffle

Franco’s Wild Rice Strawberry Waffle

And, certainly you can create some tasty ways to even make a dessert.  I did just that on PA LIVE!  How does a strawberry waffle with whipped cream sound?
Have a look at the 4 videos below and you can see for yourself how Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes can help you  make a smörgåsbord of delicious foods for you and your whole family. They’re WILDLY delicious!


See videos below!