Chef Franco’s Italian-American Menu– Kvarter5, Åland Islands

Peter Norell, Chef Dennis Linqvest, Joonas Soukko and Chef Franco Lania

Peter Norell, chef Dennis Lindqvist, Joonas Soukko and chef Franco Lania

Yes, it is almost time to say cheers again from the Åland Islands.  I am pleased to say that I’ll be back on the Åland Islands this April.  Åland is a breathtaking archipelago consisting of 6,757 named islands (you read that correctly) located in the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. It is a territory of Finland, yet the national language is Swedish.  Click here to read more about Åland and to see the menu from last year’s event.

Hotel Pommern's Kvarter5

Hotel Pommern’s Kvarter5

This year, I’ll be cooking a special “pop-up” Italian-American menu (something close to my heart) at restaurant Kvarter5 , located in Hotel Pommern.  I am look forward to working with chef Dennis Linqvist again, along with his talented team. Last year, we had a great turn out.

Moroccan lamb shanks (last year's event)

Moroccan Lamb Shanks (last year’s menu)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (last year's menu)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cupcakes (last year’s menu)









Chef Franco and Peter Norell

Chef Franco and Peter Norell

Serving braised lamb shanks and potato gnocchi in truffle cream

Plating braised lamb shanks and potato gnocchi in truffle cream.










Chef Dennis and I are anticipating an even bigger turnout.  Why? Well, because many friends that were made during last year’s dinner will be coming again.  

Happy Guests - Kvarter5

Happy Guests – Kvarter5

Happy Guests - Kvarter5

Kvarter5 Dinner Party

Happy Guests - Kvarter5 -2

More Happy Guests







The gentleman in blue celebrated his birthday with us.

The gentleman in blue celebrated his birthday with us.

Most people really enjoy well-prepared Italian-American cuisine. It is comfort food at its best. When lovingly cooked, using the freshest of ingredients, a simple plate of Spaghetti and Meatballs can truly sing! (This is coming from a guy who happens to be a chef and has cooked all types of high-end meals in fancy restaurants and on luxury cruise ships.)

One of the great pleasures of life is eating and sharing food with our close friends and family. What makes this experience even more delightful is enjoying these meals while in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  That’s precisely what Italian-American dining is all about. The people of the Åland Islands are in for a nice experience.  I am looking forward to cooking my favorite Italian-American dishes for all who “pop-in” and join the fun!

Here are the menus in English and Swedish. Have a look and reserve a table today!



Swedish edit















Time and Place:

  • Hotel Pommern  (+358 18 15555)
  • Restaurant Kvarter5
  • 27th-29th of April 2017

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Quick Video: Meet an Åland Islands Sous Chef.

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Video: Menu Talk With Chef Dennis Lindquvist.

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Port Mariehamn, Åland

Port Mariehamn, Åland