Road Trip Italy! Lazio, Campania, Calabria & Sicily

Positano, Italy (2008)

Portofino, Italy (2008). This photo was taken while on a break from working on a Luxury Cruise Ship.

It’s time to slow down and get immersed in “la dolce vita”.  A much-anticipated road trip is about to get underway, and you are all invited to follow along.  The journey begins in Rome, continues down the coast through Calabria to Sicily, then up to Salerno. After that, it’s back to Rome. Since all roads lead to Rome, I guess winding up back in Rome is inevitable. Haha!  And believe me, food is ALWAYS in the mix, especially on a road trip like this!


A lemon grove in Sorrento, Italy (1999).

A lemon grove in Sorrento, Italy (1999)

Personally, I’ve never been more south on the Italian peninsula than the Sorrento area.  I did, however, make it to Sicily several times while working on luxury cruise lines. I’ve also traveled to many places in central and northern Italy, while attending a culinary school in the Piedmonte region.


Photo of me and Claudio Sadler at his restaurant in Milan, Italy

Photo of Claudio Sadler and me at his restaurant in Milan, Italy (2000)

After graduation a stroke of good luck brought me to Milan to cook at the 2-Michelin star, Ristorante Sadler. I did plenty of traveling while working at Sadler but I never made it past the Naples area.


Next stop...Naples, Italy (2008)

Next stop…Naples, Italy (2008)

So, needless to say- I am very excited about this upcoming adventure to Southern Italy, and glad to share it with you. I’ll constantly be posting videos and photos on my Facebook and Twitter pages. As always your comments and interactions are very welcomed and much appreciated. The full itinerary is listed below, so definitely check it out and follow along!


Road Trip Southern Italy

Road Trip Southern Italy

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Lazio and Campania

  • May 2nd, boat ride over to Capri to discover the history of this breathtaking island, eat an authentic Caprese Insalata and ride to the other side of the island on their famous Funicular.
Calabria and Sicily
  • May 7th, leave for Tropea, a very popular coastal beach town. A stop in the town of Pizzo (considered one of Calabria’s prettiest towns) for lunch is at Ristorante San Domenico.
  • May 8th, go to the Peppe and Vera Cooking School of Tropea. Peppe is a noted chef with over 30 years of Calabrian culinary expertise.
 On the Road Again
  • May 12th, drive from Reggio up to Salerno. Visit buffalo farm, Tenuta Vannulo
  • May 14th, drive from Salerno to Rome.
  • May 15th, Arrivederci, Italia

I will do my very best to share all the highlights and fun moments of this trip on my Facebook and Twiter pages.  Stay tuned and ciao for now! 

Positano, Italy (2008)

Portofina, Italy (2008)