Cuccidati: A Sicilian Christmas Cookie Tradition



Is it Christmas already?  Not yet, but it will be soon!  If you’re like me, it’s never too early to start baking Christmas cookies.  So, if you’re ready to brush up on your baking skills for the upcoming holiday season, then I’m ready to share with you one of Sicily’s oldest cookie recipes.

It’s called cuccidati.  It’s a very fun holiday cookie to make and they are divine.  The decadent soft pillow-like dough is stuffed with a sweet nutty fig filling that contains hints of citrus and honey.  They are one of my most favorite holiday cookies and perhaps they are yours, too.

This cookie, like many foods in Italy, is also known by many other names. Some people refer to it as turtigliuna, and others call it buccellati.  No matter what you to call it, the lure of this treat is the delicious sticky fig-flavored center.  The history of this cookie is quite interesting as well.  We learned, on our Tavola Tours adventure to Sicily this September, that many foods in Sicily, especially on the Palermo side of the island, have Arabic influences.  Figs and dates were all introduced to the island hundreds of years ago.  And, luckily for us, figs found their way into this Sicilian cookie recipe that has become a Christmas cookie tradition for many families. But there is no need to wait for Christmas or a trip to Sicily.  With this recipe, you can create your very own delicious cuccidati at any time of the year and still enjoy a little Christmas cheer.