Starting a Culinary Career | Is it for You?


There is no place better to learn how to cook than at home. Many great chefs started their culinary path by cooking at home with their families at an early age. Contrary to that, others might become inspired to learn how to cook by working in a restaurant, or others just might have the sheer passion to follow their culinary calling.  In any case, a spark for cooking has been ignited in them.  Eventually, it will set them off on a gastronomic journey.  Cooking is an avenue that helps people understand different cultures when viewed through their cuisine. Food can be a bridge that connects us to traditions, customs, and even cherished time with family and friends.  It can act as a “passport” that brings all walks of life together. 

Antipasto Salad

Here’s an interesting note. There can be 5 chefs in a kitchen that speak different languages yet they will all work together and get the job done.  The reason for this is that cooking in itself is a language of its own.  And, it’s an international language that chefs and other culinary professionals understand together.

Gastronomy is an art!  One of the greatest things for any artist’s success is to possess a fiery passion for their craft.  Without it, there would be nothing special about an artist who is not giving their all to create whatever type of are they are drawn to.  Chefs fall into this category as well.  Kitchen work is hard and can at times be dangerous. Nobody enters a kitchen to work without this knowledge.  However, on the other hand, professional cooking can also be a great joy, challenging, and create team comradery. When chefs work in this type of environment the level of cooking rises and it can absolutely be magical and create high morale among the kitchen team. 

With a positive kitchen environment the learning curve, the cooks will face will be educational and help to build up their confidence. This is a completely different mindset that differs greatly from how old-school chef-driven restaurants treated their cooks. The way to go is to uplift talent and not discourage it.  Positive morale in a kitchen will create motivated cooks that will produce delicious meals.

Life as a chef is not for everyone it’s a tough career and the sacrifices are enormous at times.  But, on the other hand, if you feel that the culinary arts are for you it will be a journey that you’ll be happy to have made.  The bottom line is that it’s up to you to decide which way you want to go. Should you keep cooking or follow another career path? 🤔 The choice is yours. 👨‍🍳

lentil soup

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