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Recently I was contacted by Pyure Brands to collaborate on content sharing. Pyure Brands is one of the largest and fastest-growing independent stevia companies in the USA. They help people live a healthier lifestyle by providing the highest quality, all-natural, plant-based, and zero-calorie sugar substitute.

You can use Pyure Stevia in drinks, meals, and even your baked goods. The company’s products range from syrups and flavorings to spreads and sugar-free mixes. Pyure Brands believes that a healthy lifestyle always starts with making healthier choices at home and ends with a positive impact on the environment. They are dedicated to creating a healthier planet based on sugar substitutes and donating a portion of their proceeds to social and environmental causes, and diabetes education.

Reading and Understanding the New Nutrition Facts Panel

Educate yourself on the new FDA nutritional panels.

Now for the reason of this post. It’s all about the new FDA-approved nutritional panels. Pyure wrote a very in-depth blog post about this transition from the old nutritional labels to the new FDA nutritional panels that you’ll be seeing at your local grocery stores across America.

We all know how difficult nutritional labels can be to read and ascertain all the fine print. The new labeling, thankfully, does away with all this. Also, the new label places the calorie count up front and in bold type. This way right from the start consumers can see the caloric count of an item they might what to purchase. There are many more important changes to nutritional panels that you and your family should be aware of to keep in step with a healthy diet.

Read the full article about Reading and Understanding the New Nutrition Facts Panel by clicking here.

Collaboration with Pyure Products