4 Essential Tips to Become a Better Baker

Baking is an exact science, and when a dessert fails, novice bakers wonder what went wrong. Why didn’t the cake rise? These brownies are dry—what happened? Should these cookies be greasy? If you’re a home baker, you know the struggle of having something you poured your heart into not come turning out as you hoped it would. Maybe the butter was too cold, or the oven wasn’t hot enough, or you overmixed the batter.

In the culinary industry, even professional bakers sometimes have recipes that don’t turn as they were supposed to. However, they know the tricks of the trade well enough to recognize what went wrong and how to correct it. Explore these four essential tips to become a better baker and even make desserts that rival pastry chefs!

Room Temperature Ingredients

Before jumping into a new recipe, you must allow cold items to warm up to room temperature. Why? Cold ingredients don’t combine well and lead to a lumpy batter that can ruin a delicious homemade strawberry shortcake.
Butter, milk, and eggs should rest at room temp at least an hour before baking. Cut the butter into cubes to allow it to warm up faster!

Oven Temperature

Did you know oven temperatures can vary? You may set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but it might be somewhere above or below that temperature. An oven thermometer can give you an accurate reading of your oven, so your cookies, cakes, and breads come out consistently.

Read the Entire Recipe

Don’t rush into baking right after skimming over a recipe! Read it from start to finish before starting. Reading in advance allows you to digest all the ins and outs of the recipe’s process. There might be a crucial step, like allowing the dough to rest, that you could accidentally skip over. You should also gather all necessary ingredients before beginning—which includes measuring and weighing.

Quality Ingredients

The quality of your ingredients will affect your finished products! Just as an artist invests in good paints and brushes, you should try to find the best brands of butter, chocolate, flour, etc. Try out different varieties and remember that just because a brand is expensive doesn’t always mean it’s the best for what you are trying to make.

Professionals follow these essential tips to bake better. Maybe one or two of these tips can help you make some unforgettable cookies for example. If in a pinch for some delectable cookies don’t fret. We all at times are just a little too busy to even make a recipe of cookies from scratch. However, you can order some creative and absolutely delicious cookies right here from a top-notch cookie company online, too!