Healthy Ways To Kick Up Your Brunch Menu

Brunch table

Brunch is an adventurous time of day! You rested through breakfast, but now you’re ready for a delicious afternoon brunch. Sometimes it’s easier to make healthier choices in this for brunch because it’s not an everyday type of meal. Many also look at brunch as the perfect opportunity to socialize with friends and family. So without feeling any guilt, here are a few healthy ways to kick up your brunch menu that offers a variety of choices for all gatherings.

Eat the Rainbow

Eating the rainbow essentially refers to compiling a group of foods in all colors. This is an easy way to nourish your body at brunch while airing on the light side. An easy way to do this is with a charcuterie board with various colored fruits or a bowl of fruit cocktails. Not many will turn this down, so it’s great for gatherings.

Add Some Heat

Something that not many people remember is the health attributes of eating spicy food. The majority of naturally spicy items contain a compound called capsaicin, which can promote metabolic rates. Since Salsa Macha is one of the most versatile condiments, you can turn the most unusual food combinations into healthy, spicy, and flavorful memories. For example, add it to things like eggs, avocado toast, or brunch sandwiches.

Fill Up on Fiber

Filling up on fibers at brunch slows your digestion and makes you feel fuller for longer. This can be beneficial depending on the time of day that you have brunch. Consider things like an oatmeal bowl, vegetables on the charcuterie board, and lunch-style wraps with whole grains. If you plan a themed brunch for an event, you can add in additional fiber through a salad bar.

Be Mindful About Sugar

A healthy way to kick up your brunch menu is by offering healthy sugars and less refined sugars. Things like a fresh fruit charcuterie board can provide sugars with value instead of carb and sugar-heavy items, like muffins, pancakes, fruit juices, and breakfast cereals. However, it’s essential to remember that sugar is not the enemy, depending on the source.

Brunch is a late breakfast or early lunch. However, you don’t have to compromise the things your body needs regardless of the limbo period. Slow mornings with healthy brunches are an excellent way to start your day!