Pack Accordingly: Most Commonly Forgotten Travel Tips

Don’t arrive at your destination to realize you’ve forgotten important travel items at home. Check out these quick travel tips and enjoy your vacation.

Charging Cords

There’s nothing worse than going to plug in your phone, or laptop and realizing you forgot the charging cord, especially if you’re traveling internationally and forget an outlet adapter. In the United States, charging cables are created for a power level of 60 Hz power. However, a country like Italy uses 50 Hz power, so your charging cables will not work in their outlets. Taking time to understand international power frequencies will ensure your charging cord will work for the HZ power frequency used by the particular country you plan to visit. Save yourself time and money by investing in the correct type of charging cord before departing for your destination.

First Aid

Bringing a travel-size first aid kit with you is essential. Have confidence that you and others will be protected and cared for in the case of an illness or emergency. Your kit should include minor wound care items, antibiotic cream, bandages, cold medicine, pain management medication, motion sickness medication, and gastrointestinal care. Don’t let an upset stomach stop you from having your dream foodie experience, especially if you’re traveling to Italy to experience one-of-a-kind southern Italian cuisine. You may also want to pack a few extra days’ worths of medication just in case you experience a layover while fighting off an illness or caring for a wound. You may also want to include sunscreen, aloe vera gel, and bug spray.

Eye Care

If you wear glasses, you understand the daily struggle of misplacing them. Likewise, if you wear contacts, it can be easy to fall behind on contact lens care while traveling. These matters can put a damper on your vacation. One of the most
commonly forgotten travel tips is to pack an extra set of prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, or contact lenses. Pack accordingly and save yourself the hassle of visiting an unfamiliar eye specialist for a new prescription.