Must See Road Trip Destinations on the West Coast

Golden Gate Bridge | San Francisco, California

The West Coast of the United States offers some of the best scenic views for road trips, with a number of iconic cities and sites to explore. From mountainous Seattle to the beautiful seaside city of San Diego, there are so many destinations that it would take about a month to see them all. Think about visiting rugged beaches, ancient forests, small coastal towns, and famous metropolises in one long road trip. Doesn’t that sound like one great way to have a different yet fun summer vacation?

So go ahead and take a nice road trip of a lifetime. Pack your bags, plan your route, and if you’re taking an RV, don’t forget to purchase RV insurance before heading out on your journey! Here are five must-see road trip destinations while exploring the west coast.

Explore the Seattle Harbor

Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, Boeing, and Microsoft. When you’re on your West Coast road trip, Seattle is a city you must see. Take a cruise around the harbor to witness the bustling markets and stunning views of Mount Rainer while sipping on delicious craft beers from local breweries or enjoying a coffee from one of the hundreds of great coffee shops in town.

Enjoy Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is famous for the cult classic movie “The Goonies” and is just one example of the beautiful beaches on the coastline of Oregon. Relish in the mesmerizing cliffs and see the starfish cling to rocks while the water crashes against them. Cannon Beach is full of charming art galleries and local businesses, making it the perfect stop for traveling down the West Coast.

See Larger Than Life Redwood Trees

Northern California is dominated by ancient trees that are larger than life. You can hike through the national park and see the tallest and oldest trees in the world. The trees at Redwood National Park are so enormous that you can literally drive through the trunk of the Chandelier Tree offering great photo opportunities as well.

Explore the Bustling City of San Diego

Finish your road trip by exploring the Spanish-influenced city of San Diego. This bustling city is packed with craft breweries, beautiful beaches, and the San Diego Zoo. Finish your trip by whale watching along the beautiful coast.

Planning a road trip is exciting! When you’re on your journey, make sure to take your
time and explore the charming cities and roadside destinations along the West Coast. Plan your itinerary with our suggestions of must-see road trip destinations to get the absolute best experience.

Walk the World-Famous Santa Monica Pier

Yes, even I had to stop and take some photos of the pier while in Santa Monica, California.

As your drive further south, you will see world-class beaches along the California coastline. A famous destination you should stop by is the Santa Monica Pier. Santa Monica Beach is the best place to see street performers, surfers, skateboarders, and celebrities in one location.  Take a ride on the Ferris wheel to see the gorgeous coastline and Malibu. Visit local shops to pick up souvenirs and hipster gear for your next road trip destination.

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