Tuscan Grape Focaccia | Schiacciata all’Uva

Tuscan Grape Focaccia
Tuscan grape focaccia (schiacciata all’uva) is a true showstopper! And one beautiful way to enjoy autumn grapes. This special sweet grape focaccia is an autumn delight that hails from the breathtaking region of Tuscany, Italy. The harvesting of grapes at all the iconic wineries found throughout Tuscany is one certain way to welcome the change of seasons. However, Tuscan grape focaccia is another wonderful seasonal and tasty way to celebrate the tremendous grape harvest of this spectacular wine-producing region. Tuscany is world-famous for its dreamy rolling hills, classic wineries, and Tuscan cuisine. Tuscan cuisine is all about simplicity and this sweet focaccia recipe is a perfect example.

The recipe is made from very basic ingredients that most of you will already have in your home kitchen. You’ll need red seedless table grapes, rosemary, sugar, yeast, 00 flour (or all-purpose flour), and extra virgin olive oil. That’s all you’ll need to bring a delicious taste of Tuscany into your own home.  This focaccia is so delectable that you won’t want to wait only until the fall to make it. It’s a fantastic recipe to enjoy all year long made with your favorite grapes. Serve it as an appetizer paired with Gorgonzola cheese and a nice glass of Chianti wine.  You will surely impress your friends and family with this classic taste of Tuscany.  Now for the fun part!