Parmesean Lemon-Crusted Ribeye Steak

Parmesean lemon-crusted ribeye steak

This ribeye recipe is a solid winner!

Parmesan lemon-crusted ribeye steak is one sure way to WOW your guests. Ribeye steaks are considered one of the most popular and best cuts of steak.  They are also called beauty steaks because they are extremely tender and juicy cuts of beef.  Ribeye steaks are very flavorful and have the perfect balance of fat marbling. And this is exactly why people enjoy eating them so much.  Fast high heat methods of cooking are best for these steaks. In this recipe, I sear the ribeye in an extremely hot pan on both sides.  Then top it with the Parmesan lemon crust and place it under a hot broiler to further cook the ribeye and crisp up the succulent crust.

When buying ribeye steaks I suggest purchasing them with the bone. Cooking steak with the bone in might be a little more tricky since the meat attached to the bone takes a little more time to cook.  However, the flavor the bone will impart to the steak as it cooks is definitely worth it.  And, who doesn’t like to gnaw on the meat left around the bone of a perfectly cooked steak?

This cut of steak does not get much exercise on the animal. This makes it not only more supple but full of succulent fat which is a major bonus. The fat as it cooks renders out helping to create an extremely succulent steak. So in the case of a ribeye steak fat is a good thing a very good thing! It is the fat and the delicate meat of a ribeye that makes it so delicious and extremely popular.  Now, if you want to make an outrageously delicious ribeye steak with a little Italian twist you need to make this recipe.  Now, let’s get to cooking!