Top Places in The USA to Enjoy The Holiday Spirit

What better gift to give and receive than a trip away? This holiday season, embrace the festivities in different destinations around the US. Check out our list of top places to visit to get in the holiday spirit and enjoy the Christmas and New Year magic in various ways.

Warm Winter Escape: Orlando, Florida

If you are a snowbird, then you should migrate south to Orlando for a warm winter escape this holiday season. Many prefer to spend their winters away from the frigid forecasts, snow, and wind chills. Florida’s weather remains snow-free and above-freezing temperatures year-round, making it a hot destination for those looking to avoid the cold.

On top of providing a warm oasis, Florida—Orlando, more specifically—is also home to the happiest place on earth, Disney World, and the equally-as-magical Universal Studios. During the holiday season, these parks amp up the festivities with many holiday celebrations. The characters dress up for the occasion, holiday music blares through the speakers, and the streets glitter in twinkling lights and festive décor. For a warm winter escape and a magical holiday adventure, make your way to Orlando.

Winter Wonderlands: Vail, Colorado

Do you prefer a classic white Christmas? Head over to the mountains and experience a winter wonderland in Vail, Colorado. From its skiing slopes to its quaint mountain lifestyle, there are many reasons to travel to Vail over the holidays. Its geographical location and elevated placement guarantee snowy forecasts, giving you a Bing Crosby-
approved Christmas.

Plus, the town’s old English architecture paired with snowflakes looks like a scene captured in a snow globe. Head to Vail this holiday season and live out your winter wonderland dreams.

Hallmark Coziness: Highlands, North Carolina

Another popular mountain town to visit during the holiday season is Highlands, North Carolina. The Appalachian mountains produce breathtaking scenery, and there’s nothing quite like waking up and looking out the window to picturesque blue mountains in the distance.

Along with mountainous terrain, the Highlands also offers plenty of gorgeous woodlands, housing deer, Cardinals, chickadees, and more winter wildlife. Between the mountain cabin aesthetics and the cozy small-town atmosphere, Highlands gifts you a Hallmark holiday setting to experience of your own.

Eventful Activities: New York City

If you want a more fast-paced holiday season filled with lots of activities, New York City is the perfect destination for you. No matter the season, there are plenty of family-fun attractions to explore in NYC. During the holidays, this bustling city offers ice skating, Christmas tree lighting events, light shows, parades, and more. NYC is a city that never sleeps, no matter the weather outside. Take your family to New York and plan an activity-packed holiday vacation.

Head on over to one of these four top places to visit to get in the holiday spirit while also relishing the joys of adventure. Whether you take your Christmas and New Year celebrations to the warmth, mountains, or city, the holiday festivities will follow and greet you when you land—no matter your destination.