Perfect Foods To Pair With Your Morning Coffee

Coffee and breakfast.

Eating a balanced breakfast is the best way to prepare for a productive day. From supplying our bodies with energy to tantalizing our tastebuds, every item that goes into our mouths has a purpose. The same is true for our morning cups of coffee.  It is a leading source of caffeine and the most effective method of waking us up and boosting our moods. So when preparing your meal, it’s important to include foods that complement this strongly flavored drink. Here are some perfect foods to pair with your morning coffee.

French Toast or Scones

Baked goods like french toast or scones are satisfying to eat on their own and extra sweet when combined with the richness of coffee. The slightly bitter notes of this morning beverage draw out the taste of the sugar and syrup, making for a combination that tastes of natural maple. For the greatest effect, determine the best way to brew your coffee at home. This way, you can enjoy this perfect melding of flavors whenever you crave it.

Scrambled Eggs

Savory proteins also go well with your favorite morning drink as well. Scrambled eggs, for instance, often have a creamy taste that warms you up from the inside out. Proteins like eggs or bacon are also great for fueling the body and keeping you active throughout your day. Some coffees, by contrast, have slightly sweeter or darker notes, depending on your preferences. This can cut through the savory flavor of the eggs and make for a more balanced meal.

Fruit Salad

Another great food idea to pair with your morning coffee is fruit. Much like french toast, the sweetness of fruit can make even the most bitter of coffees palatable. Additionally, because this is a natural sugar, it’s a much healthier choice than other common breakfast foods such as donuts. Mixed fruits, such as mixed berries or melon, are especially satisfying to eat with coffee, as you get a diverse range of flavors that play well together.

Coffee Cake

Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Streusel Topping

No list of perfect food and coffee pairings would be complete without mentioning the classic coffee cake. With plenty of cinnamon swirl and streusel to enjoy, it’s a sweet treat like no other. You can take unique twists on this iconic dessert as well, such as this recipe for pumpkin coffee cake. The lightness of this cake can cut through the slightly burnt flavor of any dark roast and makes for a truly decadent addition to your morning meal.


When you eat some of these foods in tandem with your morning coffee, you can enhance the flavor of both and elevate your breakfast experience. This meal is one of the most important of the day for a reason and even making a few of these additions can impact how you feel.