4 Tips for Hosting a Successful Outdoor Spring Brunch

A variety of margaritas.

Learn some tips and tricks for hosting a successful outdoor spring brunch.  This season’s cuisine features an abundance of fresh fruits, colorful vegetables, and refreshing beverages.  Along with the tasty rewards of a spring harvest, this season also offers sunshine and lots of beautiful blossoms. It is also the perfect season for enjoying brunch outside. It’s not too hot or too cold. The weather is just right! Here are four tips for hosting a successful outdoor spring brunch.

Plan a Brunch Menu Featuring Seasonal Harvests

There are many healthy ways to kick up your brunch menu by creating dishes made from seasonal ingredients. Cooking with the seasons guarantees you have fresher ingredients and will enjoy more local flavors.

Spring brings with it a diverse selection of foods. Think about asparagus, limes, rhubarb, carrots, green garlic, peas, apples, avocados, kiwis, cherries, honeydew melons, and much more. Plan a brunch menu featuring these springtime delights and create a delicious spread for your family and friends.

Serve Refreshing Frozen Cocktails

When spending time in the warm sunshine, a frozen cocktail (or mocktail) keeps you cool and refreshed. Plus, they add a fun, fancy touch to your outdoor brunch setup. Mixed drinks come in many forms, giving you lots of recipes to try. There are multiple daiquiri and margarita flavor combinations to explore for making great frozen spring cocktails. A vast array of colorful cocktails also give people the feeling of being on vacation or relaxing on a tropical island.

Decorate With Springtime Finds

Let’s not forget about table setup and decor. They play a big role in the overall ambiance of a dining experience.  Your choices can change the formality, comforts, and dining atmosphere, influencing how people will relax and enjoy their meals. Embracing spring in your decoration decisions enhances your seasonal brunch. Add fresh colorful flowers as table centerpieces. Follow pastel color schemes for the tablecloth, napkins, or even platters. Look around your outdoor space and use any springtime finds as inspiration for your table setup and brunch decor.

Double-Check the Weather

You may plan to eat under a covered space or straight below the blue skies (al fresco).  Unfortunately, the weather affects any outdoor celebration. Spring forecasts are among the most unpredictable. A day can experience sunshine, rain, and sudden spurts of flurries depending on where you live.

Make sure to double-check the weather before setting up your outdoor brunch to make sure it doesn’t rain on your parade. Dining outside in perfect springlike weather is a key component to a springtime brunch. The sunshine, blue skies, and mild temps will make it more enjoyable, and special.

With sunshine back in our lives and blossoms flourishing all around us, there’s no better time to enjoy an outdoor brunch. Creating a seasonal menu, serving colorful frozen mixed drinks, decorating with a springtime theme, and double-checking the weather will give you the perfect recipe for a memorable and revitalizing outdoor brunch.