How to Make a Perfect French Omelette

French omelette

A perfectly made French omelette.

So, how do you make a perfect French omelette? When cooking a classic French omelette it’s all about technique. Many French chefs test a young cook’s ability by asking them to make a perfect classic omelette. It is harder to make than one might think. There are only three essential ingredients in a French omelette. They are eggs, butter and salt. Period. That’s it! Yes, you can add additional things to the omelette such as cheese, herbs, spinach, mushrooms etc. But when talking about a real classic omelette it’s always just those three basic ingredients. This is why it is so difficult to make it perfect.

French omelette

The interior is rolled and still succulent.

With only three ingredients and no room for error or colouration on the omelette, it can be a challenge to make it right. As with anything else excellent technique comes from practice and repetition. If you really want to master the techniques needed to make a perfect classic omelette you need to try and make it often. If it doesn’t come out right the first couple of times it’s no big deal. Simply scramble the eggs and eat them that way. Once you get the hang of it you’ll be enjoying one very delicious breakfast omelette. With a creamy succulent egg custard-like interior all rolled up in a thin buttery egg-like crepe. Ooh la la!

VIDEO: How to Make a Perfect French Omelette

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