Helpful Ingredients That Elevate an Average Dish

Chef Franco Lania

Teriyaki Chicken


Here is a list of some helpful ingredients that can add great flavor to your everyday dishes. Many at-home and professional chefs continuously look for ways to improve the foods they cook. If you find the foods you cook to be a bit bland, you may appreciate this list of helpful ingredients that can elevate an average dish. Continue reading to learn what ingredients to use to flavor and enhance your recipes.

Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is common in Asian cuisine, so why can’t it venture into other things, such as soups or sauces? It can give a rich, savory taste to many dishes that you cook. Fish sauce is a delicious condiment that can also be used as a dip for finger foods. As you experiment with using fish sauce you’ll find your own special ways to add this helpful ingredient to your repertoire of cooking.

Toasted Sesame Seeds

If regular sesame seeds aren’t so exciting to you, it’s time to step up your cooking by toasting them. Toasting sesame seeds releases a delicious nutty flavor in every bite, and also adds a slight crunchy texture. This texture and taste are used to enhance various dishes, such as in Japanese cuisine. It is often added to ramen, sushi, or nigiri dishes. Wait, but don’t stop there! Try adding toasted sesame seeds to salads, cheese platters, and even muffins and yogurt.

Truffle Oil

Sometimes the best part of the day to experiment with ingredients is first thing in the morning. For instance, eggs are fun to experiment with. If you have the time, try using a nice drizzle of truffle oil over your cooked eggs. Truffle oil and eggs are a great combination. It enhances the eggs by giving them an earthy, mushroomy taste. And truffle oil works well with so many other ingredients as well. Adding just half of a teaspoon can turn an ordinary egg dish into something elegantly delicious. This helpful hint just might change your entire egg game! 


Honey may not be the first ingredient that comes to mind when choosing how to elevate an average dish. However, it’s a helpful ingredient and one that we most often have in our kitchens. Honey adds versatility to sweet and savory dishes alike. It can elevate anything from glazes and sauces to alcoholic even beverages. You can use honey in salad dressings too.

Another Helpful Idea

Another great way to utilize these suggestions is to have a charcuterie board party to sample some of these key ingredients with your guests and gather their opinions. The fun about a charcuterie party is that there is usually something for everyone. And when adding some of the above ingredients to the experience you’ll have a perfect chance to enjoy a culinary adventure too.