Lunch at Porto Turistico di Roma | Ostia, Italy


Porto Turistico di Roma is actually in Ostia, Italy. It is located a short drive from the capital city of Rome. This is a great place to walk around, enjoy the sea, and have a nice lunch or dinner. It might sound like a tourist spot because of the name but I assure you this seaside location is frequented by tourists and locals alike.

Its proximity to Rome makes it a big draw for those living in and visiting the city. I took the drive from Rome one afternoon to check out a new location and enjoy an afternoon by the sea. The highlight of my day was lunch!

My friends and I came across a little local spot along the boat docking area. It was just opening up for lunch and the owner told me their famous Roman focaccia was just coming out of the oven. He walked to the back of the kitchen and came out with a beautiful freshly baked tray of focaccia. It looked and smelled mouthwatering! We were ready to eat and were seated right along the boat dock area to enjoy what turned out to be a spectacular lunch. Check out the video below to see the dishes I ordered and what a great find this little restaurant was!

Time for Lunch

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