Regional Pizza Styles To Offer at YourRestaurant


Chicago deep-dish pizza.

Pizza is a classic comfort food that everybody loves.  It has developed differently in different regions all over the world, including in the US. Bringing a taste of these regional pizzas to your restaurant’s menu is a great way to satisfy your customers’ cravings and offer something unique for them to enjoy. Below, we explain some regional pizza styles that you can offer
at your restaurant.

New York–Style

New York–style pizza is known for its large, thin, crispy crust, which is foldable and easy to eat on the go. The sauce is usually made from San Marzano tomatoes, and the cheese is often mozzarella. Toppings can vary, but the classic “slice” is often topped with just tomato sauce and cheese.

To make your version of this iconic pizza stand out, consider offering toppings that are popular in New York, such as pepperoni, mushrooms, or sausage. Use high-quality flour to create the perfect crust, and bake the pizza in a hot, well-seasoned oven.


Chicago-style pizza is known for its deep-dish crust. Its pie-like look is very different from the thin crust of New York–style. The crust is still crispy on the bottom and sides, but it’s thick and chewy in the middle. The sauce is made from crushed tomatoes and often seasoned with garlic, oregano, and basil. The most common cheese is mozzarella, but some versions also include other types of cheese such as cheddar or Parmesan. Toppings are typically cooked under the cheese to ensure they don’t burn.

To make your version of this hearty pizza, invest in a deep-dish pizza pan and be sure to let the crust rise twice. You might also want to consider using a blend of cheeses to add more depth of flavor.


California-style pizza is lighter and healthier than other regional varieties. The crust is typically thin and crispy, which means it’s best fresh. Your pizzeria should make fresh dough daily so that you can successfully offer this delicious regional option.

This style also focuses on fresh, seasonal toppings such as arugula, basil, or goat cheese. The sauce is often lighter, made from fresh Roma tomatoes or olive oil and garlic. To make your version of this pizza shine, experiment with unique but healthy toppings such as figs, prosciutto, or balsamic-roasted cherry tomatoes.

Offering regional pizza styles at your restaurant will allow you to show off your fresh dough and unique flavors. No matter where your restaurant is located, your customers will enjoy these delicious options.